Yuzuki Exploration of Japanese Cuisine


Last week our friends at Yuzuki announced a few big changes, namely… a name change (dropping the Izakaya). For Yuko Hayashi, who left a career as an accountant to start this place, the restaurant has been an endeavor that keeps her close to her native Japan – a nightly exaltation of Japanese cuisine. In light of the changes, it seemed fitting to take a closer look at a few classic standouts as we wait for the updated menu to take shape.

Obanzai – This word describes the domestic food of Kyoto. It changes often at Yuzuki as seasons dictate the offering.


  • Kiriboshi Daikonn (sun dried Daikon radish soaked in dashi (broth) with carrot and shiitake mushroom
  • Fried eggplant with dashi (Center): Dungeness crab with cucumber in rice vinaigrette.
  • Aji no hiraki – Horse Mackerel cured in salt koji, then air-dried and grilled. Bones are taken out and marinated in salt koji and fried. Sauce is daikon radish and shichimi (7-spices) and green onion with rice vinaigrette.

Tofu: Organic soy beans are soaked overnight. The beans are used to make soymilk and Nigari (brine) is added. It takes 2 days to make it. Yuko was sure to note that most other places buy soy milk to make tofu, therefore even if they claim it’s “housemade”, it can’t truly be since they purchase soy milk. To Yuzuki, they feel they are left with more precise flavors and no fear of serving GMO soy.


Photography:  Colin Price

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