Spiritual: Overlook Cocktail


This week will be fun. We have a “wheelhouse” scenario in which one of our contributors, Franklin Clary -a filmmaker and film aficionado – has found alignment with Nopa’s current Spiritual based on Stanley Kubrick’s, The Shining. Because of his unique perspective, Franklin will provide the editorial intro’s to each video this week. Joelle Wagner, who boasts 15 videos (and counting) on our YouTube Channel, matches Yanni’s inspiration on the theme, offering a creative accompaniment to the film and cocktails.

Stanley Kubrick’s, The Shining is no stranger to interpretation. Though originally inspired by Stephen King’s novel, Kubrick’s adaptation continues to challenge its viewers, inciting a multitude of meaningful theories to do with the films potentially deeper metaphorical message around the supernatural and it’s spiritual significance.

Less ado with the metaphysical, Bar Manager Yanni Kehagiaras’ interpretation offers a far more palpable type of spirit in the form of cocktails, drawing on the film’s most memorable themes and tonic locations.

The first cocktail of the series is the fitting equivalent to an establishing shot in film, offering a sense of place for the sequence of events to follow. The Overlook achieves exactly that while serving as a worthy representation of the film’s enchanting hotel.

A respectful play on the Waldorf Astoria’s, Waldorf Cocktail, The Overlook differs by being a Manhattan with a bitters rinse, whereas the Waldorf Cocktail is a Manhattan with an absinthe rinse. A thoughtful substitution considering the Overlook Hotel’s botanical compliments and bitter truths.