TasteDubs Ep 007: Gordon Hull


Every geologist worth their salt loves beer – Gordon Hull

Well, we didn’t actually know that was true, but Gordon Hull is full of enlightenment.  20 years ago, while working as a geologist in his hometown of Seattle, Gordon left to take a 10-week course on brewing. At the end of the course, he was offered a job as a commercial brewer. It certainly speaks to germinal stage of the American craft beer movement.

Gordon moved south to Humboldt, CA, home of the permeating stench of fresh hops that are not exactly hops, merely cousins. Anyway, it’s a remote area with lovely wilderness where Gordon got his start inside of a dark cellar – it’s not hard to see why he began dreaming of a new type of brewing that would bring him into the outdoors.


Just over seven years ago, Gordon began the turbulent process of relocating his family from Humboldt to Point Reyes – a gorgeous coastal cape town just northwest of San Francisco. The learning curve was steep – almost catastrophic – but what has emerged over the last few years from Heidrun Meadery is not just Gordon’s vision, but an entirely unique product inspired by mankind’s earliest fermented beverage, with the palpable distinction of each flower reflected in each bottle. It’s the same ideals winemakers espouse about terroir (a sense of place), but more obvious.

Scientist, craftsman and conservationist, Gordon’s plainspoken descriptions of his path and his process are easy to absorb and immensely entertaining. We hope you enjoy!

Stephen & Frank

Photography: Franklin Clary