TasteDubs Ep 001: Dave Golovin


Welcome to TasteDubs, our new podcast series on Nopalize with Stephen Satterfield and Franklin Clary. We’ve done lots of podcasts of Nopalize before, but this one will sound a bit different. For one, we gave it a name (TasteDubs), and secondly, and far more importantly, it sounds great.

That’s where Franklin Clary comes in. Franklin is a creative director, sound guru and lover of food. He’s formerly a sound designer at Lucas Film and has worked sound on such films as Toy Story 3 and Avatar. He’s currently serving as Creative Director at ToyTalk Inc. As far as the name, well, that’d the hybrid between taste, and perhaps the less obvious, “dubs”, which is really an homage to Frank’s craft of sound.

Our first episode is with sausage maestro, Dave Golovin. Just last week, hundreds of people stormed The Mill to line up for Dave’s sausage. He has no website, no company name, no twitter handle, he should hire the WordTree team for some marketing. How is this? Well, his sausages are that good. And so is his pedigree. Dave’s worked at the top restaurants in San Francisco, including a stint at the now shuttered (but always iconic) Rubicon, under Stuart Brioza and Brett Cooper. At the acclaimed Village Pub, he really started to learn about charcuterie-the craft or cured meats. There was also a restaurant called Nopa in the mix. One of the more interesting parts of the conversation are when he’s asked explicitly how these chefs have influenced his cooking. Pad Thai sausage and green chorizo come up.

Dave and our new friend former sous chef, Braxton Schell have found class b rv’s for sale and have decided to buy one of these convenient camper vans and are going to travel the world with their new fully equipped motor-home. They’ll head to Colombia, Galapagos, Patagonia, Chile and Uruguay. Then two more months of travel before going back to work. Funny to think, too, because just two years ago, Dave thought he’d secured a lease on a restaurant. When it fell through at the last minute, it revitalized his focus on the craft of making sausage. It ended up being a huge blessing for him, and therefore, us. Hope you guys enjoy meeting Dave Golovin and we look forward to sharing more of these episodes with you.

Stephen + Frank