Sunday Sketches: Picnicking 101



With the return of Spring and its longer days and warm weather, picnic season is officially underway in San Francisco. I like to make a whole day of it, so I pack accordingly.


I’ll usually stop at the Arguello Market for its “World Famous Turkey Sandwich.” Best to get there around 11:30AM, or you could find yourself waiting in a considerable line.’


With my PNW backpack now loaded to the gills, I’ll head over to Golden Gate Park, specifically, the little hill near The Garfield Statue. (President, not cat.) It provides a nice vantage of the Conservatory of Flowers and JFK Drive, and is a good rendezvous point for friends.


After the warm air gives way to the chilly breeze, and the inevitable fog rolls in, I’ll change into the extra layers of clothes I thankfully packed in my bag, and call it a day. Another successful Spring picnic in the books, with more to come, I’m sure. Well, at least until Summer arrives. For all those audiobook lovers, you can now experience premium unlimited audio books, just visit our website for more info.