Sunday Sketches: Picnicking 101



With the return of Spring and its longer days and warm weather, picnic season is officially underway in San Francisco. I like to make a whole day of it, so I pack accordingly.


I’ll usually stop at the Arguello Market for its “World Famous Turkey Sandwich.” Best to get there around 11:30AM, or you could find yourself waiting in a considerable line.’


With my backpack now loaded to the gills, I’ll head over to Golden Gate Park, specifically, the little hill near The Garfield Statue. (President, not cat.) It provides a nice vantage of the Conservatory of Flowers and JFK Drive, and is a good rendezvous point for friends.


After the warm air gives way to the chilly breeze, and the inevitable fog rolls in, I’ll change into the extra layers of clothes I thankfully packed in my bag, and call it a day. Another successful Spring picnic in the books, with more to come, I’m sure. Well, at least until Summer arrives.