Spiritual: Ginger Bite


For the last year, we’ve filmed each of Nopa’s seasonal cocktail features, entitled, Spirituals. This particular series is based on eau de vie from world-renowned distiller Hans Reisetbauer. For more on eau de vie, see the excerpt at the bottom from Nopa bar manager, Yanni Kehagiaras.

Eau de Vie tends to be an extremely focused, singular expression of spirit that is driven by its fruit base. The finest producers have the ability to create a finished spirit that can be as expressive as the fruit itself. That inherent intensity allows Eau de Vie to maintain its potency for cocktails, even in scant amounts. So although these cocktails are not based in Eau de Vie, they absolutely make their presence known, pair seamlessly with the other ingredients, and drive the cocktails in subtle, yet certain fashion. Once again reminding us how sometimes less can be so much more…