Spiritual: Chasing the Negroni: Negroni Frizzante


Each quarter  Nopa’s bar presents us with a new cocktail feature for consideration. The current one is a five-part homage to a classic, three-part cocktail, The Negroni. Before we begin with our first video in the installation, Nopa Bar Manager Yanni Kehagiaras has some introductory words for us.

The Negroni. Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth comprise this world renowned classic cocktail. From a structural standpoint, it is a trinity of strength, bitter and sweet. Bitter, yet balanced…assertive, yet restrained in its potency. Complex, infinitely refreshing and dangerously quaffable. Many would agree the Negroni may just be the perfect aperitif cocktail.

Chasing the Negroni features cocktails that follow a similar structure and purpose, although the base spirits, bitters and fortified wines change throughout. Knowingly Chasing unattainable greatness…sounds crazy… Just crazy enough to work.