Nopalito: Ceviche


On the foundation Nopalito’s menu is ceviche. Like the rest of the menu,  it is seasonally variant, but no matter the time of year, ceviche  is a reliably delightful beginning to any meal — especially in tandem with a margarita.

Ceviche, citrus-marinated fish, is most closely associated with Peru, though is enjoyed in coastal areas throughout Latin America. It is no surprise then, that Nopalito Chef/Partner Gonzalo Guzman – who hails from Vera Cruz, Mexico – keeps it in his heart and on his menu.

The late summer version includes marinated fish, calamari, lime, apples, sweet corn, avocado, red onion, cilantro, salsa piquin. The freshness of the fish invariably dictates the quality of ceviche. Nopalito gets fish delivered just about each day of the week, and as such, it only needs to marinate (in lime juce and pickle juice)  for about 5 minutes. Well, that’s not entirely true. The calmari is blanched, but, you get the picture…The quick marinade also cures the fish without the acid overcooking it. The ceviche is served with housemade blue corn tortilla chips and salsa piquin, a spicy, tomato and vinegar-based salsa.