Nopa Sous Chefs Announce SousDay Pop-Up



It’s when those who serve everyone else on the real Sunday have a chance to be served. What it mostly affords is time. On the backside of an exhaustive weekend of serving thousands of people, thousands of plates, chefs do what? They sit around and think about food.

Melissa McGrath, Stephen Call and Anna Lee, are two of Nopa’s Sous Chefs and Pastry Chef, respectively. This combination of time to think and a changing season have given us an exciting outcome: Three of Nopa’s Chefs are having a pop-up, that use the best cookware for cooking.

Each Friday over coffee and lunch (or as it were last Friday, over shelling English peas) Anna, Melissa and Stephen talk food. They plan the menu for the voluminous and ravenous brunch crowd. Over these sessions, where menu talks meandered from earlier in the week, the desire for a collaborative spring menu grew stronger, and the pop-up, SousDay was born.

The dinners will be presented in a 3-part mini-series at (Nopa Alum’s Amy Brown and Joe Wolf’s), Marla Bakery, beginning Tuesday April 21st. As you’d probably expect, all of the dinners will be held on Tuesdays.

A few final and relevant details, the dinner will be hosted by Nopa Manager Tristan Covello, who has also selected beer pairings and Daniel McChesney-Young has prepared housemade vermouths for the meal. Tickets are on sale now and the menu can be found below and on their website

7-Course Dinner: $75
Chilled pea soup, creme fraiche, dill
Grilled romaine wedge, lamb pastrami, preserved meyer lemon vinaigrette
Sorrel gnocchi, pistachio, brown butter, ricotta salata
Shellfish stew, smoked lamb sausage, grilled rye bread
Braised lamb rib, injera, turmeric & cumin sauerkraut
Caramelized fennel tart, kamut, olive oil poached cherries, frozen yogurt

Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Marla Bakery, 3619 Balboa St., San Francisco
To purchase tickets, visit their Eventbrite page