Magnum Monday: 1982 Couly-Dutheil Cabernet Franc


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Couly-Dutheil has been in the family for 80 years. Marie Couly married Baptist Dutheil, and the two purchased a parcel of a famous vineyard in Chinon called “Close de l’Echo”. The vineyard was once owned by Renaissance man Rabelais, and so he has become the mascot on the winery’s labels. The family owns eighty acres of top vineyards in Chinon (and a handful in Saumur and Saumur Champigny).

More on the family and their vineyards here:

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This wine comes from fruit from the historic “Clos de l’Echo” vineyard. The Couly-Dutheil family purchased the spot back in 1952, at which point the current vines were planted. The walled site (“clos”) sits next to Rebelais’ family castle and boasts calcareous clay soils that lead to structured, very ageworthy wines. The “echo” part of its name comes from the grand echo booming back off the castle’s walls in the vineyard.
* There is only a single bottle for Magnum Monday this evening, so the festivities will begin at 7pm.