Liholiho Yacht Club Opens Today


Liholiho Yacht Club, the eponymous name of a two-year pop-up from Chef Ravi Kapur, opens today on 871 Sutter Street in San Francisco. Ravi’s partners, Allyson Jossel and Jeff Hanak, are one half of the folks behind Nopa and Nopalito, and for that matter, Nopalize, this website.

Liholiho will not struggle for press. Many local publications have long ago listed LihoLiho as one of the most anticipated openings of the year, even as the opening deadline crawled forward due to the mind-numbing navigation of red tape and bureaucracy that typifies opening a restaurant in San Francisco. Suffice to say, this day has long been in the making, and it is with great pride and pleasure we share a first look at the food of Liholiho on its opening day.


Liholiho  is a tremendous addition to San Francisco’s restaurant community. Congrats to the Liholiho team!

Photography: Connor Bruce, Interior
Photography: Franklin Clary, Food

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