IPOB Comes Home


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Since 2011, Jasmine Hirsch and Rajat Parr having been working on balance; but not just theirs, yours and mine too. We know balance is an essential part of good health, but it is also an essential part of good drinking.

Last year we dedicated considerable attention to the organization, IPOB, In Pursuit of Balance. Our reason for covering them is simple: the group’s co-founders and 33-member organization are not merely a random collection of wineries, rather they are an esteemed collective of some of California’s best producers.

IPOB is a nonprofit promoting dialogue around the meaning and relevance of balance in California pinot noir and chardonnay. The mission has not been without controversy (which you can hear Raj discuss in detail in our podcast), but now in its 4th year of events, with continuing interest among other producers and consumers, it is clear that “balance” is not just a fad, rather a concept that is growing increasingly relevant for consumers, says Jasmine.
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IPOB Member, Steve Matthiasson.
What is Balance and Why Does it Matter? 
Balance in wine is not exactly a tangible thing, but it is a concept that can be appointed parameters for the sake of discussion and evaluation. The parameters as defined by the group (and most wine professionals) are about the relationship between fruit, acid, structure and alcohol, all in harmonious coexistence. If fine wine is the topic at hand, after terrior, balance is perhaps the most critical indicator of quality.
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Sashi Moorman and Raj Parr of Domaine de la Côte
IPOB Coming Home
Next Monday, IPOB will host an event that will allow us all to get closer to this notion of balance. Not only will there be plenty of balanced wine to drink, there’ll also be great food and focused dialog. Here’s what you can expect:
  • A highly curated selection of wineries, chosen for their commitment to quality, elegance and purity
  • Interaction with owners and winemakers –  so you get to meet the people who truly make the wines – Jim Clendenen, Ted Lemon, Rajat Parr, Steve Matthiasson, Ross Cobb, et al.
  • 10 elite restaurants and chefs, including Adam Sobel, Ari Rosen, Nick Balla, Laurence Jossel, John Thurmond and Ted Walter.
We hope to see you there!
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