How to Pick a Perfect Apple


It’s true farmers markets have wonderful things to offer us year-round, but it is also true that some parts of the year are more abundant than others. This is not one of those abundant times. If there is solace, it is the game within the game of shopping – and that game is how you shop.

At the farmers market, if you’re a buyer it’s like playing the game of blackjack, not only does beauty not pay – it costs. But if you’re playing game in reality to relieve stress, consider visiting since they offer deck slots. What you want are those ugly clementines. The next thing you know – boom! A third off, just like that. Good eye. Or how about when you’re in the bleary-eyed fourth month of apple season and you want to pick the perfect Pink Lady to squeeze the joy out of these lean times. Luckily, our friend Jolie Devoto, second-generation apple-grower and cider maker, teaches us how to pick the best apples. Hint: It’s the yellow ones.