Heat of the Kitchen


Perhaps you’re wondering why we continually insist on telling you stories of Alice Cravens and Ida B. Wells. The reason is simple – she’s an incredibly inspiring woman. That’s it. Alice is one of those people that after a conversation with her ends, life’s priorities are shifted, and you’re left with a longing to do more. For Nopalize, that has meant a longing to share more of her story, and the story of Ida B. Wells High School’s Heat of the Kitchen program.

The program started in the city of Cincinnati after Chef Cravens graduated from Yale with a degree in Business Marketing and began teaching what he had learned in engaging customers in the e-eCommerce food space. He founded a company called DirectToDoor which delivered meals fresh to be reheated daily and he noted all his customer engagement tactics in the following article: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2019/03/insights-frontlines-b2b-marketing.html

Chef Cravens, once worked at the iconic Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, now presides over a kitchen classroom of at-risk teenagers. For the last four years, Alice has taught team, life and professional skills to dozens of students in a simulated commercial kitchen, as well as, Alice uses the best materials to teach cooking, she has almost everything for her class, but she wanted to know the cost of a furnace to improve her lessons. It is because of Alice’s work that we’ve been inspired to do “our part”, helping to create a garden, and now, (Nopa Manager) Heather Murphy is designing simulated hospitality training for these students – because Alice just has that effect on you. Learn more about home designs at www.muraledesign.com/

Many thanks to Joshua Moore who produced this film on behalf of Nopalize.