Front Porch Farm


Host Farmer: Johnny Wilson
Guest Chef: James LaLonde, Chef, Bocadillos
Featured Wine: Front Porch Rosé, Devoto Cider

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Front Porch Farm in Healdsburg, CA is an idyllic farm nestled alongside Sonoma’s Russian River. Healdsburg continues to enjoy a growing reputation as one of the nation’s finest viticultural and gastronomic destinations. The area’s fertility and seasonality have met the perfect match with a community of committed stewards that continue to grow the area’s reputation through organic farming and quality minimalist winemaking. FPF embodies this diversity, growing from the breadbasket to the glass – if it belongs on a dinner table, they’ve got it.

As is often the case on farms, the fruits of the farm aren’t the only things to be savored. There’s plenty to visual stimulus at Front Porch compliments of lush orchards and open fields of wheat and grains for their impressive local whole grain initiative. There’s livestock too. Goats, pigs and chickens roam the farm, offering hooves, snouts and manure to create a symbiotic shaping of the land.


Photo: Williams Sonoma Blog

Johnny, the congenial young farm manager, will lead us through the tour as we dig deeper into the finer points of feeds and breed and the aforementioned wheat program. You’ll also enjoy warm, just-picked fruit and a gazebo lunch on the farm by the SF Chronicle’s 2014 Rising Star Chef, James LaLonde of Bocadillo’s in San Francisco. Enjoy farm-to-table dining (and wining) on the farm.

Join us for a day of education, inspiration and tasting as we discover the origins of our food in Healdsburg, since we like to eat all kind of food from fruits to waffles, that we made using a waffle iron that has removable plates makes cleaning a waffle maker a bliss as compared with the later.