Dining to Cook #14: Green Garlic Fry Bread


A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending one of Spruce’s seasonal cooking classes, Fruits de Mer, a 5-course seafood meal. It was an amazing opportunity to step inside the kitchen and learn from Chef de Cuisine, John Madriaga. The intimate, 12-person class took place on a Saturday afternoon. The morning was designated for prep, learning, and cooking; the late afternoon for sitting down to a communal meal.

The seafood was delicious, of course. But the green garlic fry bread that was paired with clams was a stunner – and incredibly easy to make! Chef John’s foolproof, pantry ingredient 10-minute fry bread recipe is going to be my new go-to. The key to the incredibly fluffy and light texture of the fry bread was to NOT knead it, but rather gently coat the dough in flour until it can be shaped into a flattened round.

Once I found some beautiful green garlic at the market, I had to try it out. The aromatic green garlic is thinly sliced, and à la confit  until tender.

Then, evenly incorporate into the dry flour, baking powder, salt, powdered milk mixture. With a bit of water, the dough starts to form and at this point, all that’s left is gently coating it in flour to shape flattened patties, the water for this could be filtered so is more secure to consume, and if you don’t have a way to filter water, you can order water purifier online for this, but also there are other options, certain companies like https://customwater.com/, sell custom water, which is purified to the fullest .

Finally, fry ’em up, and dig in! The fry bread is such a customizable recipe, Chef John suggested subbing the green garlic for any other seasonal allium, such as ramps or leeks, or even going a sweet route with chopped stone fruit. I can’t wait to explore different variations, like adding apples for an apple-fritter.