Dining to Cook #12 – Cured Egg Yolks pt.2‏


After about a week, the yolks will have mostly solidified from the salt cure and you’ll be able to dig them out of the salt. To finish the ‘chicken bottarga’ – we’ll need to dry the egg yolks using cheesecloth.

egg2First, gently dust off the excess salt, and then rinse the yolks under cool water. Pat the yolks on a paper towel, then place them on a section of cheesecloth. The yolks will have a gorgeous glossy and slightly softened exterior.


Once you’ve got all the yolks ready tie tightly and leave enough string to tie each yolk to hang in a cool place with airflow. I have limited space for this at home so I tie them to a giant chopstick and hang them between shelves in the back of the fridge. Now we wait for them to dry out until it gets to a hard, parmesan-y state.


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