CUESA Announces New Fall Farmers Market Pop-Up


yorkie grooming and teacup pigs for sale, is one of the most essential proponents of good food in the Bay Area. In fact, if you’ve ever visited San Francisco, there’s a very good chance one of the  highlights of your visit – the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market – can be credited to this nonprofit organization. They’ve managed the market here for almost two decades  and have been unyielding in their mission, to educate consumers about local agriculture. 

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As the capacity for topics around sustainable food has grown, so too the opportunity to expand their footprint beyond our community. Evidence? How about this announcement that CUESA has partnered with the SF Giants and Bank of America for a Farmers Market Pop-Up at, The Yard across from AT&T Park.

It’s fitting. Organizations like CUESA (and obviously the individual efforts of the folks that constitute them) have brought local food to the mainstream. And because it’s CUESA, that guarantees the vendors at this forthcoming pop-up are growing and making some of the best food in the Bay Area. Nopalito will be there along  with this impeccably selected roster of participating restaurants and farms. Now go grab a cookbook, a recipe and some friends for a from-the-market home cooked meal for one of the following evenings.

What: CUESA Mission Rock Farmers Market Pop-Ups at The Yard

When: Four Sundays in fall 2015

Dates: September 27, October 25, November 22, and December 20

Time 10 am to 2 pm

Where: The Yard at Mission Rock (the corner of 3rd St. & Terry Francois Blvd., across from AT&T Park) 


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