Classics Exhibition: Zombie Cocktail


Welcome back to Classics Exhibition, our photography gallery of classic cocktails.  Next up: the widely adored rum haven, Smuggler’s Cove.

Smuggler’s Cove is a gem of a bar with crossover appeal. For serious cocktail drinkers (and makers) it’s impossible to deny the encyclopedic inventory and menu. But it also maintains a pop-culture appeal. The tri-floored, tikily designed space is irresistibly fun, in the way that tiki bars are inherently fun. Even Kanye loves it, (though its wide appeal is more akin to Beyonce), but – enough about that.

Our foray into Smuggler’s Cove rum Classics begins with the Zombie cocktail. The Zombie is the the grandaddy of the tiki drink family. It was invented in 1934 by Don Beach, aka Don the Beachcomber. Don wasn’t just the inventor of the cocktail either, he was also the proprietor of a number of tiki bars and restaurants, and the inventor of the tiki genre.

This high proof cocktail, like many of those at Smuggler’s Cove, is a labyrinthe of ingredients that push the boundaries of even the most seasoned bartenders. The Zombie was a mystery until the recipe was rediscovered by tiki expert Jeff “Beachbum”Berry.