Classics Exhibition: Aviation Cocktail


Our exhibition on Classic Cocktails continues with The Aviation. The Aviation is a gin cocktail featuring maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and lemon juice (though lamentably, some recipes omit the crème de violette). The famed Savoy Cocktail book, (which we seemingly reference in each article for this series) was perhaps the source of the omission, as the difficulty accessing Crème de Violette warranted publishing the recipe without its flowery addition. The drink is strained and served straight up. It is after all, The Aviation. Notice the signature spooky purple hue imparted by the Crème de Violette and the sunken cherry, too. Lift off!

Blackbird Aviation
2oz Gin
.75 lemon
.5 maraschino
1/8 Creme de Violette
Cocktail glass

Photography: Andrew Dinh
Special Thanks: Victoria Canty of Blackbird