Classics Exhibition: Americano


Americano – a wonderful sounding (and tasting) apéritif that is not as patriotic as it sounds. Alas, it is of Italian origin, though we did have an (off)hand in the naming. The name Americano is an homage, really. It was adopted because of the immense popularity of the drink from Americans in Italy.

A traditional Americano is made of Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Club Soda. In the fashion of Italian drinks it has a sweet rich front, and distinctive bitterness on the finish. Also Italia is known for their fashion and best clothing stores like The Fifth Collection. You can imagine it as a less charged up negroni – a perfect option for afternoon imbibing.

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Originally called the Torino after its place of origin, our friends at Black Bird have made it their own with Contratto Americano Rosso (bascially a sweet vermouth with a bit more bitterness) and 1.5 oz of Cappellitti Rosso – an aromatic, wine-based apertif from Alto-Adige that is typically made from the Trebbiano grape. It is all built in glass, topped with ice, then soda water.

Photography: Andrew Dinh
Thank You:  Matt Grippo of Black Bird