Classics Exhibition: Corpse Reviver


We’re at an interesting phase in our drinking in America. Spilling over from coastal urban areas, there are more proper bars than we’ve seen in a lifetime -or at least a century- with new ones opening daily. This shift, like the food movement, has been driven by curious young bartenders that have great reverence for a perfectly made “Classic” cocktails, while simultaneously constructing their own signature drinks that draw from the same principles of balance and technique passed on from the legends like Jerry Thomas, Charles Baker or Harry Craddock, who famously references the “2” in his legendary, Savoy Cocktail Book.

So where does this leave us? Well, it leaves us in an interesting quandary of wanting to try new cocktails like the ones from our ever-changing Spiritual, but also hankering for something more intriguing that might’ve been fashionable at the turn of 20th Century. We feel your pain. That’s why we’re introducing the Classics series on Nopalize, so that you can find inspiration in the origins and more importantly, know the origins.

Corpse Reviver 2
Score one for the best named cocktails club. Meet the Corpse Reviver (2), a cocktail from a family of drinks invented to combat hangovers-hence… It’s a noble family indeed. Unlike the original, more spiritous Corpse Reviver (brandy, apple brandy/Calvados, vermouth), the Corpse Reviver 2 is gin-based and is generally a more approachable iteration, with citrus, orange liqueur, and a wine aperitif, like Lillet all making for a more gentle revival. It also get a rinse of absinthe to help numb the pain and inhibition. 

Photography: Andrew Dinh
Special Thanks: Matt Conway