Blue Bottle Cocktail


After many years of queries, we’re excited to FINALLY share with you all what is perhaps the signature Nopa cocktail, our Blue Bottle Cocktail, or the “Blue Bottle Martini”, as some say.

It is a visually striking drink that has the inevitable effect of being ordered first by some who are wrapping up their meal, then as it coasts through the dining room, by those beginning their meal, enjoying their meal, or not eating at all. In all scenarios, heads turn and orders pile in. “What is thaaat?” Is a question we’re bound to hear each night after one of these goes out.

After some very vigorous shaking, the mix of Blue Bottle Espresso, (China Beach, though we’re happy to substitute with Bourbon) and a coffee liqueur from Venezuela called Araku, a resulting thick layer of tan crema sits perfectly atop that mahogany base. It’s sort of like being a kid in a candy store-this would be the black n’ white cookie equivalent. Enjoy!